Programming & Stuff

Stellar Trail

I created a side scrolling shoot’em up called Stellar Trail as part of the final year of my computer engineering degree.

Let’s Play Intro

Myself and a friend planned to produce a Let’s play of the amazing game Bushido Blade. We recorded an episode but the footage turned out to be pretty useless. I did however create an intro for it that I am pretty proud of. I also created a pretty rubbish first draft animation.

Networked Asteroids

As part of my MSc, I was required to write a multiplayer version of Asteroids. I implemented the game in C#, using Farseer for physics and lidgren for networking. All the assets were generated in Blender 3D.

Japan Trip 2010

Here is some footage my friends and I took on our one month trip to Japan back in 2010.

Survival Trail

Many years ago I planned to create the ultimate zombie survival game. I filled several notebooks with plans for how I was going to create it. Eventually, I decided to sit down and design, program and release the game. It took me 4 months. I programmed my own map editor in Java, wrote the game…

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Freudian Dinosaur Catastrophe

A few years ago, I attended the Dublin Gamecraft event with a friend of mine. Two words were selected from a hat and everyone had to make a game based on those words. The words selected were Dinosaur and Angst so we created Freudian Dinosaur Catastrophe in just under 8 hours. The Pygame engine was used despite both…

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OpenGL First Person Space Game

As part of my MSc course, we were required to make a game of our choice. I made a sort of horror themed first person game called Space BeTrail (deliberate spelling). Below you can see videos I created at each stage of making the game.

Cartoon Hair Simulation (MSc project)

As part of my MSc, I implemented a cartoon hair animation and rendering system. I used OGRE for the rendering engine due to its very nice compositing system and the physics were implemented using Bullet Physics. Below you can see a series of youtube videos that documented my progress towards the final system. The thesis…

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